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Combining exercise and nutrition to help you reach your goals.

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Personal Training

We offer personal training in 4S Ranch / Del Sur. We work with a variety of different fitness levels and goals. We especially love helping busy moms as well as getting high school athletes stronger! We train in a garage based gym which provides us with a few benefits: decreased cost, focused one on one or small group training, and no distractions or intimidations. We love the way this works and are able to utilize a variety of strength equipment, plyometric equipment, ergometers and more!

Nutrition Coaching

All of our plans come with nutrition guidance and we also offer separate individualized nutrition coaching. We help you figure out what and how much to eat, not just for your goals but for the long-term.  We don’t tell you to stop eating things you love or to cut your calories down to drastic numbers (it’s actually not uncommon for us to increase the food you eat). Our goal for everyone is sustainable and healthy nutrition for life!

Remote Coaching

We provide personalized remote coaching that includes a nutrition and workout plan built for you with the equipment you have available. This is not a program where you sign up and we put you on a pre-made cookie cutter plan. We will constantly be in communication through our app where you will be able to log your work, message us any time and keep track of metrics specific to you. You’ll be able to ask us any questions you have on workouts, form, nutrition, etc. through direct messaging and video!

Where We Train

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Who We Are

We have three trainers and we are all family, quite literally! Daniel is a Certified Personal Trainer and Certified Nutrition Coach, specializing in general fitness, fat loss, muscle gain and nutrition coaching. His wife, Jessica is a full time mom and trains part time, specializing in pregnancy and postpartum fitness. And his brother in law, Brian is a firefighter and specializes in general fitness and police/military/fire prep.

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Coach Daniel, PN1, ISSA CPT & Nutrition Specialist

Daniel graduated with a BS in Exercise Physiology at Brigham Young University - Idaho, gaining an understanding of anatomy, kinesiology and nutrition. He's continually studying in areas of nutrition, weight loss and weight gain, athletic performance, functional fitness, and Olympic weightlifting. He has 6 years of experience coaching, 4 in one on one settings and 2 years coaching in a gym setting. While he enjoyed coaching in a box gym, he found he much prefers being in a smaller setting where there are no distractions, no pressure and you and your goals are the focus. He likes the fact that he can attract beginners to advanced athletes, as well as people that might be too intimidated to work out in a crowded gym.

One area that sets him apart is the fact that he has used fitness and exercise to battle anxiety. He especially enjoys being able to relate to and help people that have challenges such as anxiety, depression, PTSD, etc. through building their confidence and overall health.

After he and his wife, Jessica, had their daughter, they saw the challenges that can present in exercise during and after pregnancy, and both gained a passion for helping other moms on their fitness.

When not coaching, he’s usually either studying new topics related to fitness, nutrition or programming and spending time with his wife and daughter.

If you want to get stronger, lose weight, gain muscle, learn how to perform exercises correctly, gain endurance, or just be healthier, he would love to help you!

After years of what I thought was a "workout" at a gym, I just wasn't feeling like I was making progress. I met with Daniel Davis @ Davis Fit Training and immediately was impressed and felt comfortable. He got me past my intimidation and fears of weight training. He assured me that it would not make me bulky. He was right! So far I have lost 4 inches in my waist and am stronger than I've ever been. I found it easy to  put my trust in his expert knowledge of getting myself strong and fit. Daniel has a calm,  patient, confident demeanor as he guides you through the workout process. His encouraging words help maximize your goals to getting fit. It feels so good to be fit! Thank you @ Daniel fit training.

Jane H.

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